Friday, August 31, 2001

Just got back from running camp yesterday- it was a lot of fun, even more fun than I expected it to be. My track friends are so cool, and it was great hanging out with them- I feel like I know all of them a lot better. With people like that, you never know how it's going to be spending a lot of time with them - but it turned out really well. I spent a disproportionate (sp?) amount of time with Stephanie Ishler- her attitude is just kind of infectious, so I ended up been extremely outgoing for me. It made it a lot of fun- I think some people who have known me for a while were surprised, but I think that I've been working towards being more outgoing and it all just kind of ... (can't think of the word- listening to loud music)... I guess came to a head at camp.

But yeah- it was really fun, but I'm glad to be home. Last night I spent time with Robert which was good, and then went to Melike's where I got to see people and catch up on the gossip *giggles at sounding ditzy* (whoops, that sounds even more ditzy). So now I have to go shopping for back to school stuff- hopefully I'll have one of those shopping trips where I find everything I need and it all goes well. So, signing off now...

Saturday, August 18, 2001

Wow, it's Saturday night, and no one is online- what is this sick trend? Do my friends actually have lives *gasps of shock and amazement* A slightly more sobering thought: why am I at home on a Saturday night? But never fear, I have a good excuse. I just came back from a truly American experience - a barbecue! Not too impressive, I know, but we went to my mom's friend's house both for dinner and to give our japanese student (Aki) a taste of America. It's not like she hasn't had McDonald's... but this seemed, even to me, extremely American. I guess I'm just so aware of the stereotypes that people fall in (that is, at least the stereotypes that I fall in) that it was glaringly obvious. Not in a bad way, though - it was fun. It's like being a tourist in your own city - which is supposed to be a cheap way of taking a vacation - I got to see things from an outsider's point of view. I keep putting myself in Aki's place and wondering what in the world she thinks of us. I mean, my family is strange to other english speakers- I wonder what someone who only understands an eighth of what we're saying.

Other than my minimal observations on the state of America and our relationship to foreign countries (I think a lot of that analysis was in my head, and I didn't write it out- don't worry about it), things have been going well. I've just been relaxing and having a real summer: sleeping in, making plans the day of (yay spontaneity!), and hanging out with friends. Um... yeah, I should write more often, because right now it kind of all blends in- I can only really write about something if it just happened. For those of you who feel gypped by a lack of updates, you should see my journal *sadly shakes her head*

Thursday, August 09, 2001

It's been a long time since I've updated, etc. Oh well. I think that when I got a blog, I was a lot more interested in... I don't know what, I guess communicating with random people on the internet about my life. But that phase has passed, and I think my blog updates will be when I'm randomly inspired to write (though you never know how often that'll be).

Things are going well- really well. I think that overall, this has been one of the greatest summers, and happiest few months, of my entire life. Happy in an unusual way, I mean- most of my early life was happy, but now that I have something to contrast it to it seems a lot more special. Basically every area of my life is going well, and that adds up to total happiness. I think this is why people want to have significant others so badly- if one area of your life is going really well, it usually affects the others in a similarly good way. For example, if you know someone is attracted to you, then you feel a lot more comfortable about your self image and self esteem in general. And if you feel confident in a relationship with one person, you're usually more confident in other (platonic) relationships. At least that's the way it seems to work with me.

Hmm.... do you know what else is good? Communication. In the general sense, not in a relationship-type thing that implies "We need to talk". It seems to me that humans are really the only animals who are able to communicate on deeper levels that just simple survival signals (that, and laugh. "Man is the animal who laughs." - Valentine Michael Smith, Stranger in a Strange Land) So the individual human aspect of that is partially why we take such joy in things like small talk and random conversation with strangers. I think that only recently I've become reasonably good at that kind of thing, and that's why I enjoy it so much. Sometimes it's just so fun to sit and talk with someone and learn more about them. I know it seems really basic to say that, but it's good to appreciate the little things, in my opinion. (BTW, another literary reference- conversation is referred to by Tolstoy as an art, and some other good adjectives that I can't remember and I'm too lazy too look up.)